Who is Petra de Jong?
Petra de Jong About Me :  
I am Petra de Jong. Born and raised in Geleen, Limburg, the Netherlands. I was born in September 1967 and I am a single mum of two children, Ricardo, my son (20) and Gitana my daughter (17). Besides them, I have the pleasure to raise three dogs, Dusty who is 11 months and Laika and Iris, who are both 2 years old.

Hence at a young age I was very creative. I tried everything from knitting to calligraphy, drawing to sculpting. I started sculpting about 22 years ago (like many I started with the wellknown bread dough), but through certain circumstances I had to put this on hold for a while. About five years ago my children got me hooked on the computer and since then it is almost impossible to be without it. I am collecting elves for quit some time now and when I googled " fairies " , a whole new world opened up to me. So beautiful, and all handmade! In short there was no more holding back to start sculpting again....

Hannie Sarris, Astrid Mulder and Diane Guelincx always have been my roll models. So I took the big step by e-mailing one of them, Hannie, that I just loved her work and would like to take a course in making a female head... Unfortunately, my dolls always turned out to be a male...:-) Even though I knew there was a waiting list, to my big surprise I got placed very quickly. It was the first time I was going to work with an air drying clay and it was going to be a full sculpt too! What a challenge and revelation was that for me. I have a great deal of fond memories of those times and I will certainly be taking a course again some day!

In the past I sculpted all kinds of creatures. From forest creatures and trolls through dragons and mermaids, from fairy babies to my fairies nowadays. The fairies are really the ones I like to sculpt the most and for now I make them with airdrying clay like premier or ladoll. I once have been working with fimo, creall, sculpey, living doll and pro sculpt, but due to my rashes, I do prefer to keep it to the air drying clays. But from time to time, I do sculpt a small fairy from polymer clay. I have not showed my work to the world quit yet, but I have sold serveral of my fairies in the recent past. I would like to use my website to show you all what I am working on these days. Enjoy your visite!