Fairy Fantasy Forum

I've been a member of the Fairy Fantasy Forum for about three years now. A delightful group of people, who like me, are creative creating in fantasy. The fun of being a part of this group, is that it consists of both experienced dollmakers as newbies like me. There hasn't been a day gone by without e-mailing each other, showing pictures of new work or giving each other feedback and tips. However there is also room for sharing personal stuff if you want to. It is a very close group with an low step in joining.

As a group, we organise a lot together, like an annual Forum Day. Most of our members are present and it's the ideal opportunity to get to know each other a bit better! It's a fun day and has the advantage of exchanging used or new materials we don't need anymore. Every year I look forward in participating!

Few of our members attend several fairs at a regular base. Like this year the biggest doll and bearfair, Ahoy, at Rotterdam. We as a forum will give the fantasy an extra impulse by creating our own Fairy Fantasy alley at the fair to pass on the visitors a little piece of the warm feelings of being part of a fantasy. As an extra we have an annual challenge within our group that comes together in a expo-stand to be seen at the fair. All of the members who want to, can create something related to a specific theme mutually choosen every year. We've had " The Four Elements " and " a midwinter parade " in the past, and this year we're working on " 1001 Arabian Nights " .

If you create dolls, fairies or fantasy figurines yourself, join our group! There's always room for one more! You can sign up with hanniesarris@planet.com .